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We all lead busy lives and the fast paced environment means that we are in a constant state of stress with our fight and flight response on red alert most of the time. 

More and more people - including children and teenagers - struggle with fear, phobias, stress and anxiety and it becomes difficult to overcome the problems they are facing: the worries about the future, money, relationships or self-defeating emotional patterns and damaging behaviours. It is then hard to imagine what it would be like to experience a blissful state of mental and emotional calm.

Hypnotherapy and the latest therapeutic techniques allow you to get the result you want fast. Some of these techniques can be content free so you don't have the added stress of talking about your issues.

I offer a comprehensive range of therapies including Hypnotherapy, EFT/TFT and BWRT®.

I work in English and French. I also offer Skype or FaceTime sessions.

To discuss your needs or to book a session, please call me on 07958 131132 or email me:

Françoise Gins