Health Kinesiology (HK)

As I was beginning my training in complementary therapies, I discovered Health Kinesiology. I was interested in learning more about allergies but at that time I only intended to do the first two modules. As I became aware of how through muscle testing we can gather information to rebalance our Bioenergy (or Chi) and how powerful it is as a therapy it was impossible to stop and I finished the whole training to become a HK practitioner including the core subjects as defined by the Kinesiology Federation.

I have found amazing that through HK you can access the body’s unique inner wisdom to find out what you need to be healthy, to achieve and maintain balance and get rid of any blockages that may be stopping you reaching your full potential.

I work with people of all ages. Children do love HK and think it’s “magic”!

I am a full Member of Health Kinesiology UK. Click on the logo below for more information.