FREEDOM from anxiety, stress, mental and physical pain.

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Would you like to be free of anxiety, fears and phobias?
Would you like to get rid of unwanted behaviours and addictions?
Would you like to be able to manage stress, depression, trauma and PTSD?
Would you like to be more confident in social situations?
Are you worried about exams, driving test, interviews?

If you are struggling with any of these challenges, I can help you find a solution. I am trained in several therapeutic techniques and we can decide together which will help you the most to overcome your issues. 

I offer a 30 minutes free consultation so we can discuss your needs and find the best approach to ensure your wellbeing.  

I work in English and French. I offer face to face and also Skype, Zoom or FaceTime sessions.

To discuss your needs or to book a session, please call me on 07958 131132 or email me:

Françoise Gins